Chicago IT Services: Why You Need A Partner, Not A Vendor

If you’re currently sourcing a firm that specializes in Chicago IT services, you may already know that the list of firms claiming to be “experts” in the field can seem overwhelming. With so many seemingly reputable and professional companies vying for your business, you can quickly start to feel like pinpointing the right one to entrust with your internal technology needs will be an exercise in futility. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. For many entrepreneurs, successfully selecting a Chicago IT services business comes down to one critical act: effectively separating partners from vendors.

Benefits Of Finding A Partner To Entrust With Your Chicago IT Services Needs

Yes, by definition, all Chicago IT services firms are, in some respect, a vendor. However, not all technology vendors can truly tout themselves as a partner. In order to transcend the realm of vendor into partner, some important criteria must be met. Understanding the nuance of partner vs. vendor can help ensure that you find the right Chicago IT services organization to work with.

When beginning your search, it’s important to know that vendors:

Don’t know (or want to know) your business A telltale sign that you’re working with an outside vendor? The people on the team know virtually nothing about your business…nor do they have any interest in learning about it.

Fill orders: Order takers respond to your calls and needs. Sure, they are there when you need them, but the level of service you can expect from them is purely reactive. They rarely offer strategies and solutions that extend beyond exactly what you need in the here and now.

Offer force fit solutions: Vendors have an arsenal of resources and tools to use with your business…but if your needs fall outside of their comfort zone, they often have a hard time finding a new solution. If you’re working with a firm that only offers cookie-cutter solutions, it’s a sure sign that they are a vendor.

Conversely, true Chicago IT services partners will:

Want a firm grasp your business goals: A true partnering firm will take the time to get to know about your business. Even beyond your technical needs, a partner will work closely with you throughout your professional relationship to understand what your business is about as well as your organizations’ specific goals, vision and objectives.

Proactively add value: Partnering firms always stretch far beyond mere order taking status. These organizations, having a firm grasp of your business goals, will proactively reach out to your team to offer value-add technology resources for long-term return on investment.

Provide customized strategies and solutions: Customized service options are a major differentiator between vendor and partners. A partnering Chicago IT services firm will be able to modify and enhance out of the box applications and systems to ensure you enjoy a perfect business fit.

At VitalTech Solutions, we pride ourselves on partnering with each of our clients to deliver Chicago IT services customized to meet their specific needs. Want to hear more? Contact us today.

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