3 Common Mistakes In IT That Are Costing You Money

VitalTech Solutions uses a unique payment structure for its clients because we’ve learned from experience that it’s never easy to part with your hard-earned money when something unexpected has come up that isn’t in your budget. Unfortunately, when you operate a company, it’s nearly inevitable. Business owners in particular run up against this when it comes to IT services. Chicago businesses can choose from dozens of tech services providers who offer any number of payment options, but most of these will end up costing you more money than you think for a variety of reasons.

‘Pay As You Go’ IT Services In Chicago

It sounds good at first to have a “pay as you go” pricing structure. After all, you could end up paying little or nothing some months because you don’t have any problems with your computers or the network your company has in place. But you’ll soon discover with a pay as you go service that problems may crop up more than you had anticipated. Why? Because with a pay as you go service, you’ll have to contact an IT services provider in Chicago every time there’s a problem.

You’ll soon be wishing you could find a service provider who could just take care of the problems without you having to become involved every time there is a major or minor glitch. With a strategic IT services partner on your team, however, you won’t have to avoid unpleasant problems or determine whether you can afford a pay as you go service provider. Your IT services partner will be monitoring your system, upgrading when necessary and fixing minor problems before they become major ones. The end result? Far fewer problems and a network that works smoothly on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis. By partnering with a Chicago IT services provider, you can improve the efficiency of your computer network and dramatically reduce the number of problems that impact your business’s process.

The Avoidance Conundrum

When a company has to pay for each individual service call, it’s quite common for managers to tell their employees to try to keep service calls to a minimum. In many cases, businesses will attempt to fix minor glitches in-house in order to avoid paying for help desk inquiries or visits from IT service providers. Chicago business owners quickly learn, however, that trying to avoid a minimal fee by trying to fix problems internally often results in a much larger invoice in the long run because small problems can quickly snowball. Avoiding that initial phone call to your IT services team usually means you’ll simply pay more later. VitalTech Solutions offers a flat monthly fee so that small fixes don’t turn into big problems for our clients.

Ignoring Maintenance Issues

If your company doesn’t currently rely on monthly IT services to maintain your computer network, you may be shocked by the number of issues that crop up each month. As time goes on and employees add new software, visit more websites and handle an ever-increasing workload, your IT network can quickly become bogged down with minor problems and intermittent glitches that slow down the system and can eventually lead to a crash. That’s why VitalTech Solutions prefers to offer a complete package to our clients that includes regular maintenance. Ignoring maintenance issues is a recipe for eventual disaster because a constantly changing and evolving system needs to be performing at its peak at all times, pushing it to its limits. With regularly scheduled maintenance calls, we can address problems before they occur. By maintaining and improving your computer network proactively, we can anticipate and avoid or eliminate bigger problems before they arise. Preventing problems is far less expensive than fixing them.

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