4 Ways Custom Chicago IT Solutions Are Helping Small Businesses Thrive

Never before has it been so within the reach of small businesses to successfully compete with their larger counterparts. Technology has leveled the playing field in ways we couldn’t have imagined even a decade ago. Today, businesses of all shapes and sizes can reach customers around the world just as easily as they can reach those in their own backyard. But it all comes down to having IT solutions that work for the business in question.

Small Business Is Different

Small businesses are different. They have different needs than their larger competitors and they have resource limitations that bigger companies don’t have to deal with. That’s where thoughtfully-designed Chicago IT solutions and mobile computing applications from VitalTech can help. Companies can pick and choose the features that they need instead of buying an “off-the-shelf” solution that’s full of a bunch of services they’ll never use. Mobile computing can save businesses money by decreasing the need for costly software and hardware upgrades. In this way, these customized Chicago IT solutions can end up being a much more cost-effective choice than mass-produced IT solutions.

Chicago IT Solutions That Help Small Businesses Thrive

Here are four ways IT solutions are helping small businesses survive (and thrive) in the global marketplace.

  • Mobile Apps. For small businesses that rely on employees out in the field, smartphones are a necessity. But rather than simply keeping in touch with texts and phone calls, software developers can develop IT solutions that make it easy for the field staffer to share data with the home office and/or customers across multiple platforms: computers, tablets and phones. And there’s no need to worry about data getting lost or stolen when the devices are secured with encryption software or data wiping. Some IT solutions allow the user to lock and/or wipe data remotely. So if you don’t notice the phone missing until later, you can still prevent the data from getting into the wrong hands.
  • The Cloud. The Cloud has been a game-changer for small business. No longer limited by a lack of IT staff or hardware, operating via the Cloud allows small businesses to outsource many IT functions such as data-storage and sharing. “Software as a Service” solutions greatly reduce the cost of upgrading software, ensuring small businesses always have access to the latest technology.
  • Web-based Conferencing. Web-based conferencing allows small businesses to connect with employees in the field and remote offices as well as customers in a face-to-face setting. Since it’s all done over the internet, businesses save on high telephone costs and it can be accomplished without any special equipment.
  • Analytics and Reporting. It’s one thing to know you’re reaching customers. It’s quite another to know if those marketing efforts are paying off. This is where analytics and reporting come in. IT solutions can be designed to show you where your marketing efforts are paying off and where they aren’t. Armed with this information, businesses can make an informed decision about where to spend precious marketing dollars.

To learn more about our customized Chicago IT solutions and how they can help your business thrive, visit VitalTech at vitaltechsolutions.comor call us at 312- 533-4900 today. We’ll assess your needs, compare them with your current IT environment and work with you to develop custom Chicago IT solutions that improve your business.

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