How VitalTech Differs From Other IT Companies In Chicago

By Sean Vitale, Founder, vitaltech 

Choosing an IT vendor is like choosing a new staff member. You want a company that fits in with your business, supports your business goals and gets along with current staff. All too often these qualities are hard to find in IT companies in Chicago, IL. Either they’re too techie and talk to you in jargon you don’t understand or they’re too busy with their other clients to really care about your business.
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At VitalTech, it’s different. As the most Human company in IT, we put energy and passion into every one of our strategic partnerships with our clients. Here are just a few ways we’re different from other IT companies in Chicago, IL.

  • Pricing Structure. At VitalTech you won’t pay-per-service or be subject to line-item charges. We don’t utilize hourly billing or charge retainer fees. What you get is our exclusive Proactive-IT service. A fixed monthly fee service that encompasses all meetings and strategy sessions, monthly preventative maintenance, monitoring, logging and reporting, customer service and help desk support, hardware and software inventory procurement and management and more. Anything you need to manage your IT function is included in our all-in-one pricing structure. No surprises here.
  • A Dedicated Service Manager. You’ll never have to guess who will answer your call or address your need at VitalTech because every client has a dedicated service manager who handles and oversees every aspect of your project and service needs. You will never get lost in the shuffle or talk to someone who doesn’t understand your business inside and out.
  • Plain Talk. No “techie-speak” here. We talk to our clients using every day words in plain language so you’ll always understand what we’re doing and why. Strong client communication is at the core of our business model and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide personable and trustworthy services to every client.
  • Proactive Approach. We don’t take a “wait until it’s broken” approach to IT management. We are constantly monitoring and tweaking our clients’ IT solutions to take care of problems before they start. Most of the time, before the client even knows there’s an issue.
  • Unlimited 24/7 Help Desk and Guaranteed Response Times. Every client is important to us, no matter how big or small the business is. You’ll always receive the service you need, when you need it and you’ll never be bumped because a bigger client comes along. Guaranteed.
  • Your IT Partner. We promise to stick around. We view every project and every client as a partnership. As such, we go to great lengths to understand your business inside and out so we can develop the most comprehensive and effective IT solutions to help your business succeed. We measure our success by your success. There are no impersonal, cookie cutter solutions at Vital Tech.
  • Professionals Through and Through. Every one of our team members is college-educated with a degree in the field of information technology and/or project management and many of our developers hold further certifications as well.

We truly enjoy meeting new clients and helping them build their business to be the best that it can be. If you’re tired of getting the run around from IT companies in Chicago, IL that talk over your head and never actually solve the problem, give us a call at 312-533-4900 or contact us today

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