8 Common IT Mistakes Putting Your Business At Risk

  • Lacking centralized cloud managment
  • Not backing up properly and/or enough
  • Assuming macs don't need antivirus
  • 4-8.....

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As a business, you plan for everything from driving traffic to increasing revenue. However, one aspect that companies often fail to take into account their business plans is IT security. Without the right IT infrastructure and cybersecurity precautions in place, your company is at high risk of losing all your valuable information to technology malfunctions or worse, cyberattacks. And one cyberattack could set your business back in immeasurable ways.

Regardless of your business size, industry, or amount of investment in IT security to date, here are six common information technology mistakes that we see business across the board make, time and time again. Take a look to see which mistakes your company is making, and the steps that you should take to eliminate technology risk for your business. 

 1. Lacking centralized cloud management. 

Recent years have brought about a wide range of IT solution in cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) form. Many of our clients are subscribed to SaaS offerings such as Office 365 in addition to many others to fulfill their other technology and security needs. However, a major mistake we seen any companies making is not managing all of the solutions they are using from one secure and centralized place. This carries with it the inherent risk of being very fragmented in your technology security efforts. Without a centralized cloud management system, you also lose the ability to create an effective, seamless environment of solutions from which your IT department and team members can access and operate all of your technology. 

2. Not backing up properly and/or enough.

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