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Many companies that were in operation before the rise of personal computers have had a haphazard approach to their technology needs, employing the skills of an accountant who is “good with computers” or an owner’s son or daughter. Gone are the days when these do-it-yourself solutions are sufficient to keep a complex office environment up and running. If you want things done right, you should turn to the experts; call Mankato Computer Repair to set up an assessment for your organization.


Most business owners have made peace with the fact that information technology is an integral part of commerce in the 21st century. All businesses need to make decisions regarding how much to invest in different technological solutions and when. As organizations grow, their need for support and expertise also expands and the response to this need is one of two things: either hire an IT professional for internal work within the organization, or outsource IT work to a Managed Service Provider (MSP). What are the pros and cons of outsourcing, versus maintaining an internal IT staff?


Here are the findings comparing having internal IT staff versus managed IT:


· Outsourcing is cheaper—There are many aspects of outsourcing to a MSP that are less expensive than employing full time internal IT staff. One reason for this is that....




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